TechnoCargo Logistik Slovakia

Gateway in and to the East.

In addition to the place of business in Germany, TechnoCargo Logistik is strategically close to its customers in Slovakia. Two places of business offer highest flexibility and optimal solutions for individual requirements.

Our services for you:

Transport management and partner for transport logistics at our customers' places of business:

  • Vaillant Trencin and Protherm Skalica with these advantages:
    • lead time advantage through shortened transport time because orders are made available earlier
    • price advantages: The "Plus" in scheduling time results in cost benefits
  • Procurement and distribution hauling to and from for example Germany, France and UK
  • Constant partners with national and international licences
  • Storage area at our hauling partners' places of business offering cross docking

Special transport solutions:

  • Milk run transports Italy Slovakia
  • JIT transports
  • Warehouse on wheels, avoidance of bottlenecks at loading bays


Location Slovakia

Contact information Location Slovakia

TechnoCargo Logistik Slovakia s.r.o.
Johanna Vaillanta 3000/1
Trenčianske Stankovce 913 11

Tel.: +421 (0) 32 / 6538216